Reopening Information

May 18, 2021 Update from Pastor Huff

Dear Faith Family…

Please see the revised Q&A to help you understand our current safety practices.

Frequently Asked Questions - Reopening Faith Lutheran Church Sanctuary

Q:         Is Faith currently offering in-person worship? 

A:          Yes.

Q:         Should everyone attend?

A:          Not necessarily. The following people should consider worshiping from home, if possible:

             1) If you have symptoms of illness, like fever, cough, or sneezing;

             2) If you are 65 or older with underlying health conditions;

             3) If you have health conditions that make you more susceptible to illness; or

             4) If you are not yet comfortable being out in a crowd.

Q:         Which services will be offered?

A:          Both regular services will be conducted: 8:15a.m. and 11a.m. on Sunday mornings. 

Q:         Will there be “physical distance” for worshippers?

A:          Yes, pews will be marked with colors to indicate where seating is permitted (blue at 8:15am, green at                        11am).

Q:         How will I know where to sit?

A:          When you arrive at church, ushers will direct you to a pew. 

Q:         What steps are being taken to protect those who gather?

A:          The practices we have implemented currently are as follows:

             1) Hand-sanitizer will be available outside the sanctuary doors.

            2) Bulletins will be given to you by an Elder or usher. These are to be taken home by the worshipper after                the service, or discarded in the trash, and not reused.

            3) Offerings will be collected during the service. Parishioners will be invited forward during the service to               deposit their offerings and attendance slips in the offering box.

           4) Pews will be sanitized between Sunday services.

           5) We will not have a special time in the service for greeting / Sharing of the Peace.

           6) Communion will be distributed continuously at the bottom of the chancel steps. The pastor and                             communion assistants will be masked.


Q:         Is there a mask requirement?

A:          Any who choose may wear masks; however, we only ask those who are not fully vaccinated to consider                   doing so.

Q:         Will there be Sunday School and Bible Classes?

A:          Yes, until the schedule changes on Sunday, June 6, 2021. 

Q:         Will the nursery be available for us?

A:          Yes.

Q:         How long will these changes be in place?

A:          We will review them continuously and make changes as needed based on the best in scientific                                  knowledge and under the ultimate authority of God's Word.

Q:         Will people be upset with me if I choose to worship from home for now?

A:          We will not. We trust people to make the decision that best suits them now. That is why the live-                               streaming will continue.

While we believe it is acceptable to resume in-person worship, none of us should understand re-opening the sanctuary as an indication that we believe there is now no longer any risk. Being in any public place continues to present a certain level of risk for contracting the COVID-19 Coronavirus. So, please understand that while we are taking these steps to minimize risk, it is impossible for us to eliminate it.    

Thank you for taking time to review these questions and answers. Please continue to pray for

your leaders and fellow members during this time. If you have questions not addressed

above, feel free to call your Elder, the church office at 810-985-5733, or email Pastor Huff at